Saturday, October 14, 2006

Blog Seven

Yippee!!I am connected to the world at last. The connectivity is slightly cuppax though.

The problem with having internet in the blocks is that I get addicted to too many things. I am addicted to Orkut, addicted to watching the status bar on movie downloads and have developed a weird compulsion to look for arbit photos on Google images (including photos of storm troopers thrusting their pelvis).

I have become a compulsive orkutter (Well!!If Tarun can become one, anybody can) writing testis, reading testis, strafing into arbit profiles and most of all meeting up with some long lost friends. I have also enabled ninja mode (in effect disabled profile visitors). So now I can visit some hajar profiles and pack without even leaving a trace. I have also taken a liking towards reading ‘L’max testimonials. In fact safari-al and I have begun collecting the shittiest ones. We are planning to put them on this site we intend to call toxictestimonials .com.

Event of the week: Communal Riots in Dakshin Kannada

Nobody can report as equivocally about communal riots as The Hindu can. Here’s what they had to say about how the riots came about. You figure out which community did what…

“Tension sparked following an accident involving a tempo carrying cattle to a slaughterhouse in Kudroli. The incident occurred on Wednesday night when the tempo hit two sports utility vehicles and sped in the direction of the slaughterhouse.

The people in the damaged vehicles followed the tempo and stopped it near the slaughterhouse. But a mob of youngsters belonging to a particular community had already gathered there armed with bottles and stones, which they threw at the vehicles. Three persons in the SUVs were injured and one of them was admitted to a local hospital.

Soon after the incident, a group of young people from another community arrived on the spot and retaliated. About 20 vehicles parked by the roadside were damaged and 15 persons were injured. They were all admitted to the hospital.”

Doesn’t sound like a sound reason to run amok does it?

But just as we thought that this cuppax riot will not last long, a bunch of fools, who seemed to have felt that not enough people had been killed, went on to kill a couple of guys from the other community and all hell broke loose. A curfew was imposed on the district and our midsems got postponed indefinitely. All the schools, colleges and shops in the area remained closed for three days. With dwindling supplies, the mess food began to taste like goat puke.

Three days passed and on Sunday another five people were stabbed. Result: the curfew was extended by two days. All my friends who had braved the riots to go to Bangalore got stuck at home with all buses to Mangalore getting cancelled. But the college administration decided to conduct the mid semester exams despite the curfew. The situation hasn’t abated though. News came in yesterday about a fresh set of murders. Well what can I say? Loco Incompetence?

Friday, October 13, 2006


Yo!!Blogger commies. I was busy doing nothing, so had to take some time off to post this one.

Here’s a compilation of Jaggesh’s popular dialogues, courtesy The Jaggesh Fan Club on orkut.

1. Maawa! Kai haakbeda, kelage yenu hakilla, honeymoonige ready-agidhini!

2. Aaawww!! yaargidli!! ah yaargidli!!

3. Nimm akkhaaaan… gehellu chicken biryani taroke

4. Aai theri lakadi pakadi jumma , maramman disco.......

5. Jaggesh Addressing a marriage party
"neevu yalla mundey hogi Naanu nim hinde JATKA hodkondu barthee nee"

6. "Aaawu Longu... Aaawu Jumpu"

7. Jaggesh to a beggar "swalpa mettage kerkolli, parts geertsu kaige kitkond banbuttavu...."

8. Jaggu:ajji kasu kodu picture nodbeku
ajji: yav picturo
jaggu: bhaga ondu bhaga eradu
ajji: en sangliyana na?
jaggu: alla rati vignana.
ajji: thu poli mundede.

9. Looking at photos of future brides....
"che....ivalige kannilla... ivalige kivi kelalla..

ivaliganthu left hand e illa.... (Shaking his left hand in to-n-fro motion).. innu idannu naane maadla...."

10. Jadisi generator odda andre, production stop agbidbeku.... aaawoo ninna ayyan...!!!!!

11. This one’s for the Quizzers

Jaggesh: Yakkao tam hesarenu?
Girl: Yake?
Jaggesh: Sumne General Knowledge ge!!

12. Aww!!beautiful shot of muniyamman jhopdi!!